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House Moving

Is one of the oldest methods of recycling. It is also one of the most beneficial. SJ Hauck is a proud supporter of Relocation vs. Demolition.

The majority of homes are moved because they are in the way of new construction and are scheduled for demolition or are in imminent danger of being destroyed. Typically they are structures that have historic value that should be preserved and not thrown into a landfill, or structurally sound homes that make economic sense to relocate to a new site.

SJ Hauck has the knowhow and the equipment to relocate practically any structure. From historical structures, masonry, stone, wood frame, barns, or bridges we can get the job done.

We also work hard to find homes that are scheduled for demolition and instead, relocate them to new lots. We offer these homes for sale and label them “used homes.” Relocating homes is the most inexpensive way to develop new property. Usually our used homes are 30-50% cheaper than new construction. Call us today to find out about our inventory of new homes and what we have in stock!


House moving job in Cape May NJ

Hire the Renowned Professional House Movers at SJ Hauck Construction

You love your home, your home has sentimental value, but you live in an area that is prone to flooding. Maybe you live in a historic home. Or maybe your neighborhood’s property value is dwindling. You are not doomed to an impossible choice… Most homeowners think they either have to move out or grin and bear it as a neighborhood gets worse. There is a third option, SJ Hauck can physically move your house by placing it on a trailer and relocating it to your new property. It might sound like a big ordeal but moving your house can save you money in the long run.

The cost of a house move typically depends on the size and weight of the home and the route to the new location. Call us for more information.


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We have moved hundreds of homes and Historic Houses over the years. Don’t trust your house raising or house moving project to anyone but the Professionals at SJ Hauck Construction Co.

SJ Hauck has been a long-time member of the IASM – International Association of Structural Movers, an association created to represent and enhance the Structural moving industry. Owner, Steve Hauck was elected to the board of directors of IASM in 2015. In 2018, he was elected Vice-President and in 2019, he became the youngest President for the IASM. He was also the longest-standing President, holding that role from 2019-2022. SJ Hauck believes that quality and professionalism from an industry standard as a whole is vital to the performance and success of the companies that make up the industry. Therefore, SJ Hauck is always open to lending a hand, working with other companies, educating the public and attending meetings in representation of structural movers. They work with legislative committees to assist in the proper regulations and licensing of their NJ industry.

Member of International Association of Structural Movers