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The Modular Process – We Make it Easy

Full Turnkey Service:

  1. Meet with our Modular Home Specialist to discuss what might work in your budget, discuss the process, and ask any questions you might have.
  2. Pick a Modular floor plan or bring one of your own (another modular plan or a traditional site-built plan) that meets your needs and of course your budget. We can modularize most site-built plans.
  3. We discuss and help you customize that floor plan to meet your needs. There is not much that cannot be re-configured to make your new home exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be. You can make a room bigger, make a closet bigger, add a closet, add windows, add a French door, add a bathroom, or perhaps make the home a bit bigger if you love the floor plan but want more space… The possibilities are endless.
  4. Meet back at our Modular Home Design Center to pick features, upgrades and colors.
  5. Once this is completed we then submit your plan for stamped plans for the home, these are the plans needed for permits, the plans an Architect would charge you thousands of dollars for if you were to build your home the traditional way. When you build a Modular Home the cost of these plans is included. Please note there are some additional costs to get sealed plans for items such as decks/steps/porches that are built on site, not at the factory.
  6. We receive your stamped plans and “we” fill out the paperwork and submit for the permits.
  7. Once permits are in hand, we place the order for your home.
  8. Your home is delivered in approximately 6 weeks plus or minus depending on time of year and how busy the factory is at the time.
  9. We erect your foundation and do any other site work to get everything ready for the home to arrive.
  10. Home arrives and is set on the foundation and made weather tight all in one day. The work begins on finishing your home.
  11. In approximately 2-3 months depending on the size of your home and the scope of work, your home will be ready for final inspections by the town in order to get your Certificate of Occupancy.

Next is MOVE IN DAY! It’s that Easy!

Drop Ship (AKA Drop and Set) Service:

With some sweat equity you can save thousands by building your home this way. This is where you are your own G.C. (General Contractor) and hire the subcontractors to do the work. Either people you know or we can provide a list of local contractors who have experience with Modular Construction. We help you with design of the home, we order the home and coordinate delivery, we set the home, you do the rest.

Give us a call to discuss how this all works.

A Bonus – Time Savings by going Modular:

Besides saving money and getting a better built home, one of the other advantages when building a Prefab Home is time – a very precious commodity. The Video below shows how we can set a two-story home in a matter of hours and have it weather tight by the end of the day.

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The Modular Process


Floor Plans