Modular Home FAQs

A modular home is a highly engineered home that is built in sections in a controlled factory environment, not out in the elements like a traditional site-built home, so it can be delivered to your lot and assembled by your builder and their set crew.

A modular home looks like any other home that is built on site. We can build anything from a simple ranch to a highly customized two-story home, or even commercial buildings such as motels, schools, office buildings, etc… The main difference – modular structures are built faster, better and for less!

Yes, it is our goal to build a home exactly how you want it. Picking a standard plan and customizing it is typically the easiest way to accomplish this but we can start on a napkin as well. You dream it, we can build it!

Far more accuracy and precision can be achieved by working indoors using modern state of the art equipment and tools. An assembly line production process assures consistency and quality. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the whole construction process. Quality control is easier to monitor and maintain in a factory setting. It is easier to obtain, train, and keep quality skilled workers because they have regular work, receive benefits, and work in much better conditions than working on site, building the traditional way.

Typically, a Modular Home can be completed 3-4 months faster than a traditional site-built home. Once a home is ordered, the foundation and site work can begin. The building of the home and the foundation work can be performed at the same time, dramatically reducing construction time.  An average size home can be built in the factory in approximately 4-5 days (a site built home takes several months.) When the home is complete at the factory, it is then delivered to your site in 5-6 weeks depending on the time of year and how busy the factory is. Once set on your foundation, it can take 60-90 days to finish your home depending on the design, complexity and site work (decks/steps/porches) selected.

The price of a Modular home is generally lower than a site-built home. Because a factory builds hundreds of homes a year, they are able to buy materials at a much lower cost and save money on freight since everything is delivered to one location. When you add up all the savings of lower labor costs, high efficiency construction techniques, no weather delays, etc… this all adds up to substantial cost savings. As an added bonus – because of the way a Modular Home is built, it is a more energy efficient structure, which saves you money year after year in lower heating and cooling bills.

Yes, specifically a 2-story modular home is, in fact, a quieter home. What does this mean? In a site-built home, generally the ceiling of the first level is also the floor on the second level so you can hear people, pets, and noise. In a 2-story modular home, you have a box (module) sitting on top of another box, so there is a ceiling and a floor. These layers make it a quieter home.

There are no cost overruns in Modular Construction that you hear horror stories about with traditional site-built homes. This means no unforeseen expenses that are not in your budget. Once the final plan and price for the home is approved and agreed upon, the home is put under contract.

When you ask for a price for a home, it is important to know exactly what is included in that price and also what is not included.  It is very easy to leave things out initially so it might seem like a company has a lower price only for you to find out later that essential aspects were not included. We include everything we can up front. Our reputation depends on our honesty and integrity.

If it is something that can be purchased, delivered, and installed on site, we are very happy to help coordinate this.

Yes, for 10 years. Every modular home we build (turnkey service) comes with a 2/10 Warranty.  The first year is covered by the factory, years 2 through 10 are covered through a Home Buyers Warranty Company. If you are the GC, you can purchase the same warranty.

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