Helical Piles

Solid solutions for your foundation issues. Helical Piles are a minimally invasive environmentally sound foundation solution. A modern improvement over wood piles.

What is a Helical Pile:

Also known as helical piers, anchors, or screw piles. They are a deep foundation solution used when soil conditions prevent a standard foundation from being installed or used to repair an existing foundation.   They are the perfect solution because they don’t require large excavation work, they are threaded (screwed) into the ground with a minimal amount of installation time, and require very little soil disturbance. Most importantly they transfer the weight of the structure to the load bearing soil.  Correct installation techniques are paramount to meet engineered design load and settlement outcomes.

Why Helical Piles:

  • If the soil is not adequate to support a traditional foundation
  • Foundation Repair – stabilize your current foundation
  • House Lifting
  • Swimming Pools
  • Easy to install where access is limited
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Very limited excavation
  • Fast installation
  • Vibration free – your neighbors will appreciate this
  • Site is minimally disturbed
  • Low cost for both the system and the installation – low cost compared to other support systems
  • They can be engineered for any application that would benefit from a deep foundation system and the need for increased stability


The main benefits of helical pile foundations include: shorter project times, ease of installation, ease of access, reduction of the carbon footprint, ease of removal when the foundations are no longer required, reduced risk to the workforce, and reduced costs.

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