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Used Homes

Let Someone Else Love Your Old Home

Learn about the home buying program we offer at SJ Hauck Construction.

Did you buy property with a house already on it? Or maybe you want to build a new home on your property in place of your current older home? Don’t demolish your home, let us save you the cost of demolition and take it instead. We’ll take your unwanted home and move it to a new location for someone else to enjoy.

Our used homes are typically the most economical way to develop buildable lots. On average a used home is 30-50% cheaper than a new home! SJ Hauck typically has several homes in our inventory for sale that can be moved to your location. Once it is moved and renovated, you will have a new on a new lot for the fraction of the price of new!


Call 609-927-6700 or NY: 631-750-6450 to speak with one of the pros at SJ Hauck Construction about a used home.

We can save you Thousands of Dollars in Demolition Costs! Don’t knock your home down yet! Call the Professional “House Movers” at SJ Hauck. There is a chance we can move your old home to a new site and fix it up for someone else to enjoy. This could save you anywhere from $5,000 – $18,000 on demolition costs depending on the size of your home. Keep in mind, it also saves thousands of pounds of demolition debris from our landfills at the same time.

We think Green at SJ Hauck!