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New Jersey: (609)-927-6700 // New York: (631) 750-6450
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SJ Hauck's unparalleled expertise in demolition, deep foundation solutions, and structure relocation is unrivaled in the Northeast

New Jersey: (609)-927-6700 // New York: (631) 750-6450

Whether you're starting a new commercial project or are getting ready to build a new house,  if you have an existing structure or house on your property that needs to be removed, we are ready! Let the professionals at SJ Hauck Construction get your land ready for building again!


Residential Demolition Experts SJ Hauck Construction South Jersey

Deep foundations are essential for ensuring the stability and safety of structures, especially in areas with challenging soil conditions or where the structure needs to resist high loads or seismic forces. Proper design and construction of deep foundations are crucial to the long-term performance and integrity of the built environment.

Deep Foundations

Support of Excavation (SOE) is a crucial aspect of construction projects that involve digging below ground level. SOE systems are temporary earth-retaining structures designed to control soil movement and prevent cave-ins, ensuring the safety and stability of excavation sites.

Support of Excavation

The sky is the limit with raising your home!

House Lifting

The most common reason to raise your home is to comply with FEMA’s flood elevation standards. Whether you have a grant, or want to save on your flood insurance, we have the process figured out and years of work to back it up.

Industry-Certified. Nationally-Trusted.

We deliver on the promise to do it right.


SJ Hauck has been a long-time member of the IASM – International Association of Structural Movers, an association created to represent and enhance the Structural moving industry.  SJ Hauck believes that quality and professionalism from an industry standard as a whole is vital to the performance and success of the companies that make up the industry.

Certified(and recognized) experts in:

House Lifting

House Lifting is also known as House Raising or Home Elevation. SJ Hauck has the superior knowledge to guide you through your entire home elevation project.

House Moving

The majority of homes are moved because they are in the way of new construction and are scheduled for demolition or are in imminent danger of being destroyed.

Piling/Deep Foundations

Natural foundational support is a time-tested and cost-effective way to safely support just about any structure.


Oftentimes renovation projects call for structural support members to be relocated, or openings added into load bearing walls; or structural support members may have corroded or begun to buckle or fail.

Support Of Excavation

Support of Excavation (SOE) Systems are temporary earth-retaining systems intended to control the soil to facilitate a safe and efficient space for construction.

Recent Projects

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Support Of Excavation

Pleasantville, NJ


Somers Point, NJ

Timber Piles

Taylor Bliss House

Structure Move

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